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Kyneton Who's Who

Distinguished and Famous people from Kyneton

1. William Henry Fitchett

William Henry Fitchett (1841–1903) was a prominent Australian author, journalist, and clergyman. He was born in Kyneton and gained recognition for his historical writings, particularly those related to maritime history. Fitchett's notable works include "Deeds that Won the Empire" (1896) and "The Tale of the Great Mutiny" (1902).

2. Tom Flood

Thomas "Tom" Joshua Andrew Flood (1888–1971) was an Australian politician, born in Kyneton. He served as a member of the Australian House of Representatives from 1937 to 1958, representing the electorate of Ballarat. Flood made substantial contributions to the growth and development of the Ballarat region.

3. Tirhatuan

Tirhatuan (also known as Tarrengower) was an Indigenous Australian leader from the Ngurai-illum Wurrung tribe and a survivor of the Kulin diorama massacre. He resided in the Kyneton area and played a significant role in promoting the rights and welfare of the Indigenous community during the 19th century.

4. Malcolm Fraser

John Malcolm Fraser (1930–2015) was the 22nd Prime Minister of Australia, serving from 1975 to 1983. Although he was not born in Kyneton, Fraser had strong connections to the town. He represented the Division of Wannon as a Member of Parliament from 1955 to 1983, which encompassed the Kyneton region.

5. Hawthorn Football Club

The Hawthorn Football Club, known as the Hawks, held their preseason training camp in Kyneton during the 1960s. This successful Australian rules football club has won 13 VFL/AFL championships, making them one of the most accomplished teams in the history of the sport.

6. Charles Ryan

Charles Snodgrass Ryan (1853–1926) was one of Australia's first medical graduates, an army surgeon, and a prominent public health administrator. Ryan was born in Kyneton and is best known for his pioneering work in the field of bacteriology and his contributions to the prevention of various contagious diseases.

7. Deborah Cheetham

Deborah Cheetham AO is an Australian soprano, composer, and community advocate. Born in the Kyneton region, Cheetham is recognized internationally for her stunning vocal performances and her dedication to promoting diversity and inclusion in the performing arts.

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